Dr. Michael SingerDr Michael Singer, a board certified veterinary surgeon brings orthopedic and advanced surgical techniques to Cimarron Animal Hospital!  We are so excited to have such a gifted surgeon working with us!  Not only is he gifted, but he’s GOOD! He has all the best surgical equipment to get the most complicated surgeries done right, efficiently! But what really counts most is concern and TLC for the patients!  He and his technician, Valerie, start caring for their  patients before surgery, walking them to empty their bladders (have you ever woken up from surgery with a full bladder?  It’s terrible!). Throughout surgery, Valerie is checking on patient temperature and comfortable positioning, in addition to running excellent anesthesia, monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation and fluids, just like we at Cimarron do!  After surgery, patients that have had particularly painful procedures get an IV drip of pain meds until they go home with their oral pain medication.  Their routine is top-notch!  Having watched them in action, I would choose them over a specialty center for my own pet !

We are also excited that we are able to give owners a chance to have surgeries done that they might not be able to, otherwise.  Since our overhead is less than the 24 hour Specialty facilities, we can offer the same superior quality, care and skill at a lower price.  Our Cimarron family of pets can live better, happier lives thanks to Dr. Singer!

Dr Singer is available to do surgery at Cimarron Animal Hospital for pets that are not established as patients at Cimarron as well!  Anyone can call and set up a consultation with Dr Singer and his brilliantly capable technician, Valerie!  Helping pets all around Tucson!  Our Cimarron Team is REALLY excited about that aspect of our opportunity to offer this new service!

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