“Nah.  She’s perfectly fine”.

Cats are The Masters of Concealing Illness!  Being both a predator and a prey species in the wild makes them uniquely adept at compensating for illness to survive and not showing signs of weakness.

Regular Physical exams by your veterinarian can identify many problems that your kitty may not be “telling” you about.  Commonly discovered issues include: painful dental disease, obesity, ear infections and osteoarthritis.  Annual Wellness blood and urine screening can identify conditions such as: kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis and even diabetes!

“Well, if he has any of those conditions, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.”

All of these conditions can be treated, managed, or outright cured with the right care!  Identifying issues early allows us to remove painful conditions sooner, so your cat can be happy and active.  Early detection of metabolic diseases and age-related organ failure lets us make lifestyle and nutrition changes that slow down the progression of those conditions so your feline friend can continue to be a happy, active member of your family longer.

“It upsets her too much to bring her in”

Here are some great suggestions to help  get your cat more accustomed to coming in to the vet.




And don’t forget the Feliway for trips to the Vet!

If your cat hasn’t been in to see the vet within the last year, it’s time!

Don’t let your kitty slip into a state of “sick beyond repair” when we can do just as much to help cats live longer and better as we can dogs!