We have a new, improved App! ” It’s so easy to use, even I figured it out in a jiff!”- Dr Deb Bohnke

Cimarron's new App is available!

  • Request Appointments
  • Request and pay for prescriptions!
  • Text us!
    • Text us when you get to the clinic for your pet’s Curbside Appointment
    • Text when you get to the parking lot and we’ll bring your pet’s food or medications right to your car!
    • Text when arrive to drop your pet off for a procedure.  (If you’ve filled out your paperwork online, it’s a *SNAP*!)
    • Got a question?  Text!
  • Video Teleconferences available with your vet for rechecks, post ops and behavior consults– cheaper than an office call
    • Perfect veterinary visits for anxious pets!
  • Download, view, share your pet’s medical history at your fingertips
    • Perfect for dogsitters, boarding and grooming facilities

We can’t wait for everyone to get signed up!!

Free from the Apple StoreFree on Google Play Store