Starting Monday, May 17, 2021, we will be opening our doors to our Pet Parents again!


The CDC, the United States’ leading authority in science- based COVID-19 recommendations has said: “Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.”

Even so, there are still things that we all need to consider to hold onto the progress we’ve made against Covid:

  1. How long will our vaccinated immunity last?
  2. How well will the vaccine protect us against emerging variants?
  3. Not everyone is vaccinated or completely vaccinated, so their risk is still high.


We, at Cimarron AH, feel that it is our responsibility, as health care workers and participants in the OneHealth collaborative, to continue to support disease control, especially in the face of Covid-19 uncertainties.   So, we will be practicing the same intensive contagious disease control for humans as we do for animals throughout the clinic:

  • Wiping down high touch areas in the lobby and exam rooms frequently.
  • Limiting the number of people in the clinic to avoid crowding.
  • We may not hug you or shake your hand as we used to do.  Or if we do, we may disinfect afterwards.  Don’t be offended!  It just means that we wanted to make the human connection, but still had to be safe!

“I’d rather shake hands and disinfect than not shake your hand at all!  This elbow touching is just not the same!” ~ Dr Bohnke

  • Checking people out in the exam room and sending you out the “bat exit”, rather than through the lobby


We will continue to offer Curbside and Drop-off appointments as sooo many of our clients have come to find those options so convenient. Just let us know whether you would like Curbside, Drop-Off or an In-Person exam for your pet’s visit!

**If you are NOT vaccinated, we still recommend you take advantage of our Curbside service- for Your protection- as we can’t really social distance across pets during exams and even vaccinated people can carry the virus.  

If you choose an In-Person visit, we ask our clients to respect our support of the big picture of world health (cuz who, better than vets, do you want watching after YOUR Herd Immunity?).

  • Please notify us that you are at the clinic by calling us at 886-1125 or Texting  us on our PetPro Connect App (download it to your phone now!) so we can manage the flow of people through the clinic. We will call you or escort you into the clinic when it’s time for your pet’s visit.
  • Please check in with the Client Service Rep at the front desk to have your temperature taken.
  • Apply some hand sanitizer, available at the front desk.
  • Please wear a mask the whole time you are in the clinic.  This is especially important if you’re standing close to your pet during its examination. (It’s hard to social distance across a chihuahua! lol!)

“Your mask protects me. Your vaccine protects you.”

We are looking forward to meeting all the new Pet Parents that have brought their pets into us this last year!  And, of course, we are so anxious to rekindle the close bonds that we have with so many of our established clients.  We’ve missed you!  It’ll be good to SEE you again!