COVID-19, human coronavirus not contagious from pets, but you still need to protect them if you get sick.

Many people are still worried about the relationship between COVID-19 and their pets.  This  new virus has us changing our game plan weekly, it seems.  But this is what we know so far:




  • Cats and Dogs can (rarely) naturally contract the COVID-Sars-2 virus. They rarely get sick, but it they do, it has been mild and self-resolving
  • Minks (and therefore, presumably Ferrets– although *I couldn’t find any professional references to pet ferrets/ COVID-19*) can naturally contract and become symptomatic with COVID-19.  Minks have developed respiratory signs AND gastrointestinal disease. Some died.  This demonstrated that they were able to pass the disease amongst themselves.
  • In the LABORATORY setting (where research animals have been super infected), cats, ferrets and hamsters have been found to pass the virus to animals of the SAME species.
  • Domesticated animals (as far as we know to date) canNOT transfer COVID-19 directly to humans.
  • It does not seem that pets from COVID-19 households can transfer the virus to a human.


  • Stay away from your pets, especially your ferrets (whose genetic lineage seems to more seriously affected).  Sorry no snuggling while you are feeling lousy in bed. 🙁
  • Have someone else in the family care for the pets, if possible.   If that’s not possible, wear a mask and gloves while tending to your pet.  Avoid petting or intimate contact.  Keep them out of your quarantine room/ bedroom.  Consider asking a friend to care for your pet while you are ill.

For more detailed information, please see the CDC’s Page on COVID-19 and Animals