Two years ago, our Angel Fund was a lost memory filled with cobwebs rather than donations. However, our clients spread the story of one very lucky cat in desperate need, and suddenly love poured in, igniting a path of hope. Together, we saved his life and showed that the love and kindness of the community can provide the means to overcome any darkness.  Our clients have continued to contribute to our Angel fund, which now remains in honor of our very own clinic angel, Mr. Weasley. Thank you for your support of those in need! This past year, we successfully raised $2811.63!

Examples of how great a difference your support has made:

  • Several cans of food for nutritional support of sickly patients.
  • A kitten with a rare skull disease for his age was able to receive pain medications.
  • Stabilization therapies to improve the quality of life for a dog that was starved/left in critical condition.
  • Support for one puppy battling a fatal degree of dehydration.
  • A grieving family was gifted the means to receive cremation ashes and paw print art for a pet who passed away. (An option everyone should be able to have when facing the loss of a beloved pet)
  • Three kittens found left in the winter cold were able to be cared for until finding their forever homes. 
Dirty Dog
Black Kitten

Please keep our Angel Fund in mind, as we are always in need of donations to help those who are facing the darkest times with their beloved critters.

  • $20? Yes! $5? Yes! Even something as simple as rounding up to the nearest dollar can help!
  • Unable to help financially? New beds, water-proof blankets or bed covers, clean towels, and Adaptil and Feliway sprays are always welcome to help make patients more comfortable while away from home!

With gratitude and loving pats to all your critters,

Your Pet Care Team at Cimarron Animal Hospital