George before his dental treatmentWatch George’s dental treatment video  Here



Ever wonder what all goes into a  dental treatment?  This video shows you a “Basic Dental Treatment” at Cimarron. (Most dogs don’t get George’s super cool neck wrap, but dogs with neck problems do!)



Have you wondered why  pet dental treatments cost so much?  When you watch George’s dental treatment video, you will see all the equipment it takes to anesthetize George, monitor him, x-ray, clean and p


olish his teeth.  George  didn’t even need extractions or periodontal treatments which take longer and utilize even more equipment!  A dental treatment without extractions in a dog George’s size (about 35 pounds) takes about one and a half to two hours from setup to tear down and cleaning/ sterilizing all of the equipment. That’s with about 3 people working on the project!  That’s a lot of manpower and a lot of detail to ensure not only the patient we are working on stays safe, but the next patient we treat will be safe too!