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Cats are notoriously stressed about coming in to the vet, so many people just wait until their cat is sick before they face the daunting, heart-wrenching experience.  But, cats need wellness exams as much as, if not more than, dogs, since they hide their illnesses until they are critical!

Here are some tips for getting cats into the Veterinary Clinic with less stress for both of you:

  • Leave the cat carrier out for your cat to enjoy all of the time!
    Feed your kitty in the carrier
    Every day, put treats in the carrier for your kitty to discover
    Keep soft, clean bedding in the carrier
    Sometimes, cover the carrier with a towel or carrier cover (Cat Cozy)
    Put a spritz of Feliway in the carrier once a day
  • Wipe the carrier or spritz once with Feliway 30 minutes before travel
  • Always carry the carrier from underneath— never use the handle. It’s too much rocking and swaying!
  • Cover the carrier when traveling– most cats would prefer not to see the world racing by while they are standing still!
  • Practice driving around the block or around town and ending up right back home!

Start these techniques with your kitten! If you have an adult cat, start Today!

  • Bring your cat’s favorite treats with you.
    Give a bite when you arrive in the waiting room
    Give a bite when you settle into the exam room
    Toss a few around the room to encourage exploration and natural hunting instincts- it lets off “steam”!
    Save the rest for your Pet Care Team!  This way, they will have more opportunity to give treats to help make the experience more pleasant.
  • Ask your Veterinarian for a Kitty or Doggy Calming Kit that can be given before the visit to help “take the edge off”.
  • Consider additional short-acting sedation in the clinic if needed.

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Cat Carrier Training Video

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