Takethe "pet' out of Petrified with Happy Visits at the vet!

“Happy Visits” at the Vet take the “pet” out of Petrified!

Vet Visits can be stressful for pets and their owners.  In fact, it can be so bad that some owners just don’t bring their pets in at all- at least not until there is a dire condition! If your dog or cat freaks out about going to the vet, you should ask them if they encourage “Happy Visits”.  “Happy Visits” are all about fun. No thermometers or needles! No toenail trims or [other offensive things we do to pets]!   Just Fun, Love, Petting and Treats! or Balls!  Whatever makes them happiest!   The next time exam will be so much easier after a few (or a half dozen, depending on your pet) “Happy Visits”.  They don’t have to be a big deal or take a lot of time out of your day: 5 or 10 minutes is all!  Maybe 15 minutes if your pet is having a REALLY good time!

“Happy Visits” are best scheduled during quieter hours of the day around the vet clinic.  Call your vet to see what time would work best.

For Dogs:

Bring their most favorite thing(s)- treats, balls, frisbees, toys.  At our clinic, we will play with your pet all over the clinic, getting him used to the environment and us!  When it’s time for his next medical visit, you can bring all his comfort things with him and it won’t be half so bad!

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For Cats:

We keep things a little more low-key for cats.  They get to start in our Fear Free Cat exam room.  The air is filled with subtle anxiety-relieving “happy kitty” pheromones.  Classical music encourages relaxation.  The carrier is opened so the kitty can come out when she’s ready.  Treats and/or catnip are placed around the room to encourage exploration.

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Happy Visits at the vet take the "Pet" out of Petrified

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