heartworms in heart


During the Month of April, Cimarron is Offering:

Heartworm Prevention at $25 off/ 1 year supply!

Heartworm Tests only $35.00!  (Nearly 50% discount !)  

Why do we want to do this?  Because there has been a recent increase in the number of Heartworm Cases on Tucson’s Eastside.  Because HW dz is life threatening.  It is very expensive to treat: $1200 for an uncomplicated case!   Treating the disease can be fatal!  To protect a pet against fatal side effects of treatment, a family has to be  tremendously inconvenienced to maintain exercise restriction and saddened by the hardships of confinement for the pet and lack of fun they could be having with their pet.  All around, it is a devastating disease for both the pet and the family on both a physical and a pshychological level!  Prevention of Heartworm disease is easy, pet’s LIKE the medication (usu), and for most pets, a Lifetime of tests and preventive won’t cost $1200!  And, mostly because we want our patients to stay healthy and their People to stay Happy with their healthy, active pets!  

More on Heartworm Disease  from Pet Health Network