Image result for hedgehog in sackDon’t let your hedgie get cold!

Pet African pygmy hedgehogs need to be kept warm in the winter to prevent hibernation!  Hibernation is actually dangerous for African Pygmy hedgehogs.  It slows their metabolism down, leaving them susceptible to infections, dehydration and starvation.  It’s important to keep your hedgehog in an environment between 72 and 80 degrees.  This is not always comfortable for us humans.  We often keep our homes cooler in the winter than is healthy for our pet hedgies.

Click here for a great article on suggestions om providing your hedgie some supplemental heat from:

Signs of hedgehogs in danger of being too cold are decreased activity, decreased appetite, sneezing (as opposed to puffling).  So, if she’s not on her wheel and exploring at night, eating her food and turning down mealworms and other treats, check the temperature in her enclosure!  If that seems good, get her in to your local hedgehog vet!  (We see them here at Cimarron Animal Hospital!)