Different pets lead different lifestyles.  They live in different parts of the country, exposed to different parasites, at risk for different diseases.  They interact with other animals differently- some live with cattle and sheep, others got to dog parks, groomers, boarding kennels, others stay strictly at home.  Some breeds of dogs or cats are at risk for different medical conditions because of their genetics or the shape or size of their bodies.

Shouldn’t your pet receive medical recommendations based on his particular needs?  Why should he be subjected to the same vaccinations as pets who live on the farm in the Midwestern United States when the risk of diseases there is different from here, in our dry, desert environment? 

Cimarron Animal Hospital’s staff and Doctors make recommendations based on Your Pet’s individual health needs.  We do not believe in recommending “cookbook” tests, treatments, preventives, or vaccinations.

VACCINATIONS   Not every pet needs every vaccination every year!  Cimarron customizes vaccination schedules for each patient based on lifestyle and a risk assessment.  We help our Pet Parents decide which ones their pet really needs- and how often.  Vaccination clinics and Discount clinics won’t do that.  Pets who go to vaccination clinics and corporate vet practices with “cookbook” recommendations are getting over vaccinated.

“WORMING”   Most pets in southern Arizona don’t get intestinal parasites, so they don’t all need to get intestinal “worming” medicine routinely.  We recommend that dogs and outdoor cats have a stool/ fecal sample checked once a year or if there is a diarrhea problem.  Then we treat any parasites we find.  Since there are about 6 different common intestinal parasites of dogs and cats, and no single medication that treats them all, it is silly to give 1 medication, call it a “wormer” and think that a pet is safe.  This is especially true in Tucson where the most common parasites aren’t even the worm variety and won’t be cured with common “wormers”.

AGE SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS   As pets age, their bodies are at risk for different disease conditions that can be treated.  Early intervention is aimed at preventing life-threatening health crises and extending the length and quality of a pet’s life.  Adult Wellness blood screening for middle aged dogs and cats, Senior blood and urine sampling for older pets, arthritis and cardiac screening for older pets with suspicious symptoms or breed specific risk are examples of the special considerations given to our patients.

BREED SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS   Some breeds are prone to certain medical conditions.  At Cimarron, we will educate Pet Parents about those risks and offer screening tests or preventives when they are available.  For instance, basset hounds are prone to glaucoma.  It’s best that they have a glaucoma test at least once a year and any time they have red eyes once they hit young adulthood.  Boxers are prone to silent cardiomyopathy.  Experts recommend a screening EKG test once a year or any time the pet experiences fatigue.  Tests like these are often simple to do during an annual physical exam and go a long way toward early intervention and longer happier pet lives!

 PHYSICAL EXAMS  Every dog and cat should be examined by a veterinarian at least once a year to maintain optimal health.  Veterinarians look at body parts not often examined by owners.  They listen to hearts, look down ears to the ear drums, look at retinas, palpate for masses in abdomens and check joints for subtle signs of pain.  These are things that most owners can’t or don’t do.  Many pets have conditions that their people weren’t even aware of because dogs and cats (especially cats!) tend to hide their diseases until they are in dire straits! 

HEALTH CONSULTATIONS   Part of every Comprehensive Physical Exam.  This is your opportunity to ask your veterinarian how you can keep your pet happier and healthier for longer!  Your vet may discuss with you lifestyle adjustments, exercise changes, diet suggestions and nutritional supplements that could help your particular pet lead a healthier life.  This is also your chance to learn about new, cutting edge treatments, technologies and health opportunities that may benefit your pet.  Our objective is to educate our Pet Parents so they can make the best decisions for both their pets and their families. 

Cimarron Animal Hospital believes in protecting the health of each patient as an individual with

Individualized Medical Plans and recommendations because each pet is unique.  No pet is “just an animal” to us!