Kitty and Canine Calming Kits have arrived!

I hate bringing my cats into the clinic!  One is “fine” in the carrier in the car, except for the plaintive wailing and the bug eyes staring at me as if to say, “You Traitor!  Why are you taking me to my death?!”  The other has barrier anxiety, so just getting him IN the carrier is a matter of stuffing the pillow with claws, splayed in 17 directions, into the upturned box and somehow getting my hands out and the door closed before he can burst his way out again. And, I’m an expert cat-wrangler!  My poor baby who (once) trusted me then screams bloody murder for the mere 6 minute drive to the clinic!  So… they don’t come in more than they have to. Fortunately, I have the luxury of an in-home veterinarian ( me!) to examine them periodically.  (Thanks goodness for the clinic reminder system that reminds me when to do that or years would go by before I looked in their mouths!).  So, I can really understand cat owners’ trepidation at the concept of bringing their kitties in for their checkups!  (And we all know that, since cats are masters at hiding their illnesses until they are on death’s doorstep, that once or twice a year (“Oh God!”) vet visits are super important!)

You know what I do as soon as I get into the clinic? Sedate the barrier- issue cat so he can tolerate being confined to a kennel for the day! ( Bug-eyed “Spot” is usually content once he gets out of the moving car.)  I sedate my dog, too!  She loves the car ride, loves to greet all the people, but HATES to have her nails trimmed and her anal sacs cleaned!  She is so stressed that she whines incessantly if I leave her in a room by herself- let alone a kennel!  Her life is so much nicer ( mine, too) if she is sedated! 

So, I started thinking… I’d like to start sedating MY animals before they even get in the car. ( Hey, wouldn’t my clients, too?)   Then they don’t have all that extra anxiety!  As my teen-aged son would say, “He**,  yeah!”  So….

Kitty and Canine Calming Kits Save the Day!

  A couple days of natural calming medication and a stronger sedative– depending on your pet’s level of anxiety and what we need to get done– to take home BEFORE the Visit!  Bring in a calmer pet, have a calmer car ride, less anxiety, less guilt, and your are getting them in to the vet for the check ups/ procedures they need to stay healthier longer!

Bring your anxious pets to us!  We’re ready!  Every pet responds differently to sedatives, depending on the medication, their metabolism and their level of arousal before the meds kick in.  If the at-home sedation isn’t quite enough, we can give more while they are here!  They may go home and “sleep it off” all the rest of the day, but that has been determined to be beneficial for creating an amnesia response to the stressful stimulus, too!  This makes the next visit less arousing ( probably still need meds, but they’ll work even better)– that’s the theory, anyway!

Calming Kits contain

  • Natural meds for 3 days
  • Sedative medication
  • Instructions and tricks for training your pet to tolerate the experience more
  • Feliway (calming pheromone) for cats.

It’s helped dozens of pets already!  Pet parents are loving it too!