Individualized Preventive Veterinary Care

Different pets lead different lifestyles, so they need Individualized Preventive veterinary care plans.  Unlike Big Box vet clinics, we tailor your pet’s Wellness Services for what he needs (not what Corporate says “every” pet should have).  We’ll ask you questions about your pet’s lifestyle and environment to make sure they are protected as much as they need to be!

Factors affecting our patients’ wellness needs might include:

  • Living in the desert southwest
  • Living in an “open desert” yard or a walled, cultivated yard
  • Going to the groomer, boarding kennel, or dog park
  • Traveling to the mountains or other parts of the country
  • Breed, Gender, neutered or not
  • Outdoor roaming cat or indoors only

Cimarron Animal Hospital’s staff and doctors make recommendations based on your pet’s individual health needs.  We do not believe in recommending “cookbook” tests, treatments, preventives, or vaccinations.


Not every pet needs vaccinations every year! Cimarron customizes vaccination schedules for each patient based on lifestyle and a risk assessment. We help our pet parents decide which ones their pet really needs and how often. Vaccination clinics and discount clinics won’t do that. Pets who go to vaccination clinics are often getting over-vaccinated.

Preventive “worming”

Most pets in southern Arizona don’t get intestinal parasites, so they don’t all need to get intestinal “worming” medicine routinely. We recommend that dogs and outdoor cats have a stool/ fecal sample checked once a year. There is no single medication that treats all intestinal parasites. Our individualized preventive veterinary care means we only treat the parasites we find.

Individualized Preventive Veterinary Care
Individualized Preventive Veterinary Care

AGE-SPECIFIC recommendations

As pets age, their bodies are at risk for different disease conditions that can be treated. Early intervention is aimed at preventing life-threatening health crises. Early treatment can extend both the length and quality of a pet’s life! Adult Wellness blood screening is recommended once a year for middle-aged dogs and cats. Senior blood and urine sampling is recommended for older pets. Arthritis and cardiac screening may be made for older pets with suspicious symptoms or breed-specific risks.

BREED-SPECIFIC recommendations

Some breeds are prone to certain medical conditions. At Cimarron, we will educate pet parents about those risks and offer screening tests or preventives when they are available. For instance, Basset Hounds are prone to glaucoma. They should have a glaucoma test at least once a year after they hit young adulthood. Boxers are prone to silent heart disease. Experts recommend a screening EKG once a year. Tests like these are often simple to do during an annual physical exam and go a long way toward early intervention!

Individualized Preventive Veterinary Care
Individualized Preventive Veterinary Care

Physical exams

Every pet should be examined by a veterinarian at least once a year –every 6 months for older pets-to maintain optimal health. Our veterinarians will look at body parts not often examined by pet parents. They will listen to hearts and palpate for tumors. They will examine ears all the way to the ear drums. Pets will get retinal eye exams. Our vets will check joints for subtle signs of pain. These are things that most owners can’t, or don’t, do routinely. Many pets have conditions that their people aren’t even aware of because dogs and cats (especially cats!) tend to hide their diseases until they are in dire straits!

Personalized health and lifestyle consultation

This is your opportunity to ask your veterinarian how you can keep your pet happier and healthier for longer! Your vet may discuss with you lifestyle adjustments or make exercise suggestions. Nutritional supplements can help your pet lead a healthier life. Learn about new, cutting-edge treatments and technologies that may benefit your pet. Our objective is to educate our pet parents so they can make the best decisions for both their pets and their families.

Personalized health and lifestyle consultation

Cimarron Animal Hospital Believes In Protecting The Health Of Each Patient With Individualized Preventive Veterinary Care Plans And Recommendations Because Each Pet Is Unique. Pets are People, too!