Pet owners often wonder why veterinarians insist on doing an exam when they give vaccinations. “I know my pet is healthy.  I just want the vaccinations.” 

Over 70% of “Well Vaccination Visits” turn up some kind of disease condition.  Not all of these conditions preclude vaccinations, but some certainly do.  If a pet has a fever, for instance, vaccines could be rendered inactive– no benefit to the patient and a waste of money. And, vaccinating a pet whose immune system is already burdened fighting another disease could compromise that pet’s ability to heal.

It’s also the law.  A veterinarian must have a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship in order to administer medication, including vaccines. We believe that means a full physical examination of the patient and health consultation with the owner.

Vaccinations are potent immune stimulants that can cause serious side effects such as immune mediated disease and anaphylactic shock.  Your veterinarian can treat your pet better, faster, already knowing your pet’s health status.  Pets vaccinated at  Discount Clinics receive no support from the Clinic if they develop a problem after the vaccine is given. These pets in post-vaccine distress have to go to an emergency clinic for treatment, be evaluated by a new veterianrian, then be treated at Emergency clinic prices! 

 At Cimarron Animal Hospital, we provide not only a Complete Physical Exam, but also a Nutritional consultation, a Behavior consultation and a  Risk Assessment to determine what vaccines and other preventive products or services would be beneficial to your pet, given his specific lifestye.  Not every pet needs every vaccine every year! Your veterianrian can advise you on what’s the best for your pet, latest medical  advances and the diseases prevalent in your area.  Discount clinics and Big Box Veterinary clinics are notorious for giving every patient the same thing– that’s what’s in the package– whether they need it or not.  (Giardia vaccines are not improtant to most pets living in the desert southwest as Giardia is not very prevalent here.  Cats living in most family households do not need Bordetella vaccinations.  Many cats don’t need vaccines every year. Getting unnecessary vaccinations overwhelms the immune system and can be very dangerous!)  Our veterinary staff devises an Individualized Medical Care Plan to maximize you pet’s Wellness. 

 Your pet is unique to us, not “just an animal” like any other!

Your pet’s Wellnessis really what vaccination exams are about, after all.  Everyone realizes that we give vaccines to keep our pets healthy.  But vaccines are only a small part of what keeps pets healthy.  For example, Periodontal disease which is painful, leads to tooth loss, and frequently causes liver, heart and renal disease, occurs in 80% of pets over age 3.  Yet, many pet owners don’t recognize that good dental care and professional cleanings will extend their pets’ lives and quality of life!  Your veterinarian’s Physical Eam findings and advice are at least as important, if not more improtant, than vaccinations when it comes to your pet’s well-being and longevity.

Cimarron Animal Hospital is a full service Veterinay facility comitted to providing optimal medical and wellness care to its patients.  We believe that it is medically irresponsible to administer vaccinations or medications without knowing that our patients are healthy first.