Cimarron Animal Hospital hosted a community yard sale for pet victims of Hurricane Harvey last weekend. Between sales and cash donations from the Tucson community, we made over $3200 for Austin Pets Alive to assist their animal rescue efforts! We are so excited that we are doing it again NEXT Sunday, Sept 17th, between 7am and 12pm for animal victims of Hurricane Irma!

We invite everyone in the Tucson community to set up a table, sell your wares! We ask for 50% of your proceeds to give to a tba Florida animal rescue organization. (Everyone who particpated last week gave 100%!)

Consider selling your old Halloween stuff! Buy “new” from your neighbors. Change up your Halloween look! Find a costume out of the clothes that are donated/ sold!

If you don’t have anything to sell, please stop by to see if there is anything you might want to take home! If not, just drop some change into the donation bucket! Every penny counts!

Get the kids involved! Bring them to the event, have them donate a little of their own money. Show how important charity is to our mutual benefit!

Stay tuned on our FB page, Cimarron Animal Hospital, for updates on the Event as they unfold!