Your cat is “slowing down”:

  • Doesn’t run with enthusiasm any more
  • Slower to catch moving objects
  • Less interest in playing
  • Hesitant to jump up
  • Pulls herself to get up, rather than making a clean jump up
  • Pauses on the stairs going up or down
  • Walk up stairs instead of bounding
  • Hides more or sleeps more, rather than exploring

These are all subtle signs of pain in cats!

40% of all cats show signs of Arthritis! 

90% of cats over the age of 12 years have radiographic signs of arthritis— whether they are showing signs or not!  That’s nearly TWICE the number of dogs with arthritis in the same age group.

Yet, dogs are very often treated for arthritis and aging cats are rarely treated!  Why do cats get neglected so?  Because we humans are so bad at recognizing the subtle signs of discomfort in cats and they are masters of hiding weakness and pain until the very late stages!  We need to do better for our beloved kitten companions!

What about your cat?

Watch this video to see signs of arthritis in cats

If you think your cat might be showing ANY of these signs of arthritis,
Fill out this survey and email it to your vet to get your kitty the help she deserves!  (You can also email to us for our opinion on next steps!)

Here is a great blog by one of the world leaders in cat and dog arthritis pain relief (sorry it is Big Pharma, but what they are saying is legit).

We are developing more and more arthritis treatments for cats, so it’s worth exploring with your vet!  Does your cat have arthritis and what can you do about it to help your kitty be active and happy throughout his Senior years!