Drop Off/Hospitalization Consent

Thank you for taking advantage of our Pet Valet Service! We are here to help make your life easier! Please be aware that there is a $15.00 Kennel fee to cover staff costs for housing, watering, cleaning and exercising your pet during the day. If this is not OK, please schedule a regular Out-Patient visit. We will contact you after caring for your pet with our report or to schedule a pick up time!

For anesthetic cases*

I authorize the use of appropriate anesthetics and other medications. I understand that during this procedure(s), unforeseen conditions may be revealed that necessitate an extension of the same or different procedure(s) than set forth above. I also understand that, despite pre-surgical exams and diagnostics, unforseen conditions may exist that may cause unexpected anesthetic complications. I authorize the Doctors and Staff to do everything within their power to prevent anesthetic complications.
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Please fill in the health questions below so we can be sure to cover everything while your pet is here. This also helps us keep your pet's record up to date between visits!
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Please list an Medications, Supplements your pet is Currently Taking*

Remember Heartworm Preventives, Flea/Tick Protection, Vitamins and Natural supplements

Contact information

Preferred Method of Communication Today*

It is CRITICAL that we have contact information so that you can be reached while your pet is here.


By Typing my Name Below I allow the procedures that I have requested above to performed on my pet in my absence. I understand that I will be charged a $15.00 Kennel fee if my pet is left at the clinic after my arranged pick up time.*