Animal Hospital Services

A Comprehensive physical exam whenever our patients are brought in for wellness or sick visits because we believe in treating the whole pet, not just its parts

Cimarron Animal Hospital’s Services are a step above and beyond other animal clinics’

  • Comprehensive Physical Exams- not a 3 second glance…. Read More
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) with FreeStyle Libre 14 day … Read More
  • Ultimate Anesthetic Safety-  “We run the safest anesthesia of any general practice I have ever worked at!  That and pain management, I won’t skimp on, ever!  ~ Dr. Deb Bohnke”  Read More
  • Board Certified Surgeon – is available for orthopedic and complicated surgeries so you don’t have to go a “stranger” for pet’s care. Read about our Boarded Surgeon Here
  • Wellness Packages- Comprehensive wellness coverage for your furry children with discounts and monthly payments.  Read More
  • Client Service Excellence- here to help, not hinder. Need help out of the car?  Need help treating your pet at home?  Need water?  Just ask!
  • Cold Laser Therapy-  drug free way to speed healing, decrease pain for lots of conditions: Read More
  • Dental Services including Dental radiographs and low-trauma surgical extractions…Read More
  • Ultrasound/ Echo-  For more information when we need it.
  • Digital body X-rays- clearer images mean more accurate diagnoses and more rapid collaboration with experts when needed Read More
  • Digital Dental  X-rays- No dental cleaning should be done without them. Anyone who does is missing over 50% of the dental disease happening below the gumline! Read More
  • Online Appointment Requests-  Request your pet’s appointment in your PJs, at 7 pm, when you finally have time to think about it! Read More
  • Email/ Text Appointment Reminders
  • Online Pet Portal– view vaccination records, copies of Dr. notes and lab results and more through your pet’s online secure portal
  • Online Pharmacy– home delivery of meds and food- Autoship so you are never out! Read More
  • In-House Lab to provide answers fast!
  • Rabbits, Rodents, Ferrets and Hedgehogs are welcome, too! Medicine and surgery to keep our little critters happy and healthy
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Dental Services

We perform:

  • Ultrasonic scaling/ polishing
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Periodontal Antibiotic treatments
  • Plaque Barrier sealants

A lot more goes into a Dental Treatment than just a cleaning…

Read more

Dental Services