Certified Cat-Friendly Practice By AAFP!

What does it mean to be a Cat Friendly Practice? Cats are unique among pets: how they think, how they feel, how they react to the environment around them. We understand how to comfort them and how to heal them with both medicine and compassion. We take their special needs into consideration.

We are certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Cat Friendly Practice!

Special waiting area

Special accommodations

  • A special waiting area, just for cats!
  • Happy kitty pheromones in the air to relax the jitters.
  • Towels to cover them so they can hide if they want.
  • A special exam room, with soothing music and treats, just for cats.
  • Free run of the exam room, to explore as they want.
  • Examinations are performed where they feel most comfortable, whenever possible.
  • Gentle restraint (sedation available if needed for “must do “ procedures or just to help the visit be bearable—with your agreement, of course!).
  • A special room for housing, away from dogs and scary sounds of the hospital.
  • Hideaways in the kennels for security.

Extra continuing education

ALL of our staff is required to attend a certain number of Continuing Education courses to stay abreast of current topics in veterinary medicine, particularly Feline medicine/ psychology.

One Veterinarian

  • Total of 30 hours of RACE-approved veterinary CE every 3 years
  • 15 of the 30 veterinary CE hours must be in feline medicine and surgery

Other Veterinarians and Veterinary Team Members

  • Total of 15 veterinary CE every 3 years
  • 7 of the 15 hours must be in the feline medicine and surgery
  • That’s a LOT of cat-specific Continuing Education hours!

Don’t you want to bring your cats to a vet clinic that cares about cats for who they are, not just as another animal to deal with? Visit our Cat Friendly Practice next time your kitty needs its annual Wellness Visit!

For more information about the Cat Friendly Initiative, Click here