We’ve rolled out our Discount Spay and Neuter options to allow pet owners with financial constraints a better choice than the local Discount Spay-neuter clinics for their pet’s surgery.

Our BASIC CARE PACKAGE provides services comparable to Discount Clinics, but with SOME EXTRA BENEFITS:

  • Your pet is at a full service hospital.  In case anything goes wrong during surgery, we can deal with it!
  • You will have full support of our staff, available by phone day or night, should you have questions or concerns after surgery!  Even our after hours calls are taken by veteirnary emergency trained staff! (Not just an answering machine– or go to the emergency room as at discount clinics)
  • Pets will receive 3-4 Pain injections (not just one)  during their stay and have the option to take home pain medications after surgery.  (Would you want an ovariohysterectomy

    Local Discount clinic surgery

    or castration without pain control at home?!?) 
  •  Surgeries are performed in a sterile surgical suite– our Doctor is fully dressed in sterile surgical attire- discount or not! 
  • Patients will be attended by a dedicated Certified Veterinary Technician from anesthetic induction to recovery.

For Pet Parents wanting optimal anesthetic safety for their pets, we still  offer the ULTIMATE PATIENT CARE PACKAGE which includes all of the above PLUS:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Bloodworkensures there is no hidden infection or organ compromise that will affect anesthetic/ surgical safety, and allows the

    Surgery at Cimarron

    Doctor to make individual adjustments in your pet’s drug plan.
  • Intravenous catheter and fluids- provide immediate venous access for emergency in case they are needed. The fluids help to maintain healthy organ function throughout and after surgery. They also help organs metabolize sedatives and anesthetic medications faster, returning your pet to “normal” behaviors sooner.
  • Advanced Electronic Anesthetic Monitoring- Using EKG, Pulse oximeter, Blood pressure monitor, Respiratory monitor and Core Termperature we can customize a patient’s anesthesic level based on subtle
    changes, minimizing the amount of anesthetic needed. These monitors also allow us to detect problems before they become anesthetic crises.
  •  Proactive Pain Medication- Pets receive both a pain/ sedative injection and an anti-inflammatory injection before surgery, a pain injection during surgery, and another if they need it after surgery. They also receive pain medication to go home. We also offer a post op Cold Laser therapy treatment to minimize swelling and desensitize nerves in the area of surgery. 
  •  We believe that pets deserve the safest surgical options.  They should not just survive surgery, but survive it Well– with a minimum of physiologic stress and pain. 

    But, we also understand that many of our clients have financial constraints. 

    ** We would rather pets were neutered and spayed, rather than not, just because of monetary issues.  Also, we would rather have our patients’ surgeries done in a sterile surgical suite, with skilled anesthesia nurses in constant attendance, proactive pain management, and after care support should they need it! 

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