ferret“Suprelorin(R)” implants, once a year from age 1 year on can prevent adrenal disease!

Now Available at Cimarron Animal Hospital!

Every American Ferret should have the benefit of Suprelorin(R)F!

American ferrets are prone to adrenal disease and cancer by the time they are 3-4 years old.  This is due to two primary factors:  the severe inbreeding of the “farmed” ferrets available to the general public and early spay / neutering practices of these ferret “mills”.

  Adrenal Disease is caused by overactive tissue or tumors of the Adrenal Glands, located in the abdomen, very near the kidneys.


Hair loss, lethargy, enlarged vulva (females), enlarged nipples (both males and females), Itchiness, crusted skin sores, urinary tract obstruction (males).


Early spay and neuter (before 6 months of age) eventually causes the adrenal glands to take over production of hormones- primarily estrogen.  Initially, the glands are just hyperactive, the cells become “hyperplastic”.  Over time, those hyperactive, hyperplastic cells become abnormal cancer cells.


Once Adrenal tumors develop, the treatment of choice for cure is surgical removal.  Some tumors, depending on where they are and how advanced the cancer is upon diagnosis, can not completely be removed.  In this case surgery will diminish signs of disease for a while, but the remaining cancer cells will continue to proliferate and the cancer will advance. Even if an adrenal tumor is removed, a new tumor on the other adrenal gland will often develop.  Surgery is risky and expensive.


Suprelorin® is a new hormonal implant that interferes with excess estrogen production for at least a year!  Having your ferret receive the implant once a year from the time it is 1 year old, will markedly diminish the possibility of it developing Adrenal disease!

  Ferrets under the age of 3 years will likely also be nearly 90% protected.

  Ferrets older than 3 years can still benefit if their adrenal changes are not yet advanced to the point of cancer.  The Suprelorin® implant can reverse the adrenal hyperplasia.

  Unfortunately, the Implant cannot  stop cancer from progressing once it has occurred.  However, if  a ferret cannot have surgery, the implants can improve the ferret’s quality of life for a while:  help grow back fur, relieve itching, protect males from prostate enlargement that causes urinary tract obstruction.

  The Suprelorin® implant is done under a short anesthetic procedure and sterile technique.  Your ferret should be able to go home within 30 minutes of the procedure!


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