16 week old Golden Retriever puppy scratching fleas with leg in motion on a white background "Missy"

Fleas and Ticks are not just yucky!  They don’t just suck blood from our pets (and us).  They can cause serious to life-threatening diseases!

FLEAS Itchy, disease carrying blood-suckersflea.ashx

Fleas are not common in Arizona, unless your pet lives in a desert environment and has exposure to our local rodent populations.  These rodent fleas are so tiny, you really can’t recognize them as “bugs” until they jump!  Then you can’t find them again!

Fleas are the number #1 cause of allergic skin conditions in dogs and cats world wide.  One bite from a flea can make the whole pet crazy itchy!  If your pet spends time outside and has allergies, he or she should be treated with a flea protection product.

Fleas also carry blood parasites that cause illness– sometimes life-threatening illness!

EngorgedBrownTIckTICKS Gross, disease bags of nastiness

Ticks are somewhat common in Arizona.  They survive our mild winters well and find protection from the heat and sun in wood piles, wood dog houses and against the foundations of our homes.

Ticks carry a number of blood parasites.  Ehrlichia species of parasites are common in Arizona ticks, causing “Tick Fever”.  This disease is quite serious and can lead to hemorrhage, seizures, neurologic disorders and death.  Pets who spend time outdoors should be treated with a tick protection product.  Don’t wait to find the ticks.   By then, you’ve aleady missed the ticks that your pet has already groomed off.  It only takes one infected tick to bite and disease can arise months to Years (!) later!

With so many Flea and Tick Protection Treatments available, it can be hard to decide which is best for your pets.  Please consult your veterinarian for a product that is best for you and your pet.  



Protect your pets with a maintenance Parasite prevention schedule– even in Arizona.  

It’s just part of Caring for a Pet.