Does your cat run and hide when it’s time to take medicine?

Cats are usually difficult when it comes to taking medicine, leaving owners throwing their hands up in frustration and cats leery of coming out of hiding. Here are some alternatives to forcing a pill down Fluffy’s throat.

You can try Pill Pockets that are specially made for cats. It is basically a cat treat shaped like a pocket where you place the pill in order to disguise it from Fluffy. This will work with some cats and others will simply eat the treat and spit out a half dissolved pill. What can we say, a cat knows what it likes and will not be tricked…….or do we have more tricks up our sleeves?

For cats with impeccable taste, you can go to a local compounding pharmacy where the pills can be turned into a chicken or tuna flavored liquid that can be mixed into Fluffy’s food……yes, as easy as eating cake! For those do-it-yourself people, you can crush the pill and mix it in Fluffy’s tuna for the same affect—as long as tuna (or beef broth) is OK with Fluffy’s Doctor, of course!  Learn more from Prescription Lab Compounding Pharmacy

Last but not least, some medications can be given transdermally, (rubbed into the skin). Fluffy can get his/her medicine while receiving love from you, how awesome is that?! It is true; a spoonful of love helps the medicine go down!

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