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Cat’s seem to always get the short shift in veterinary care.  75% of dogs go to the vet an average of 1.7 times a year!  25% of cats get to the vet once a year.  The other 75% see a vet an average of once every 3 years!  Many cats never go to the vet for even Wellness care. 

Many cats stay strictly indoors, reducing their risk of injury and infectious diseases, it’s true.  But, cats still age and develop other health issues such as dental disease and arthritis.  And, how many of us cat owners actually look in our cat’s mouths? (Most of us are happy to stay as far away from those teeth as possible!)   Furthermore,  cats are Masters of Disguise– disguising signs of illness.  Because cats are widely preyed upon in the wild, they are very careful not to show signs of weakness until they are so sick they can’t cover it up anymore.  This means that, by the time most owners notice a problem with their cat– and it may be subtle: more reclusive behavior, eating slower, gradual weight loss, decreased jumping up on favorite perches–  the kitty is already very sick or debilitated. 

Your veterinarian can identify signs of trouble early.  A Comprehensive Physical Exam can find dental disease (that is probably causing your cat pain when it eats and grooms), heart murmurs (a sign of heart disease), decreased flexibility in the joints and spine (sign of arthritis).  A blood and urine sample once a year for a Wellness Screen is the key to allowing your veterinarian to “see” inside your Supreme Faker, identifying problems with internal organs or diseases like Diabetes. 

Early detection of disease allows you and your veterinarian to work together to preserve your cat’s quality of life and slow down degenerative processes so you can have feline companion longer.  The science of nutrition and nutritional supplements has advanced to the point that a simple change in diet or addition of supplements to the food can go a long way toward helping with many diseases! (Did you know that Diabetes in cats can often be cured with diet alone if it’s caught early enough?!?)  Medications for cats have advanced to the point that kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, even arthritis can now be treated for years, allowing that much more good quality life.

Annual to Semi-annual Veterinary check ups with Wellness Screening lab work really pay off in extending your kitty’s lifespan and quality of life along the way. 

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