old dogSeptember is Senior Wellness Month at Cimarron Animal Hospital Tucson a month dedicated to addressing the specific concerns and problems of our senior pets. We try to screen all pets past the age of 9 years for any underlying “senior” problems. As a direct result of vaccinations, neutering and improved nutrition, our pets are living longer and fuller lives. With the blessing of longer life comes the reality of a higher incidence of age related diseases.

Our senior wellness program focuses on early identification and prevention of the most common  causes of death and disabiity in older animals: heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes. This program allows us to detect problems before they become critical.

 Senior Wellness Comprehensive Exams at Cimarron Animal Hospital include: 

  • Complete Physical Exam
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Diagnostic Chemistry
  • Urinalysis
  • Pancreatitis Screen
  • Cardiac Screen
  • Thyroid Screen
  • Diabetes Screen
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Management
  • Pain Management (arthritis is common in both cats and dogs!)
  • Preliminary Arthritis Screening option

During September, Cimarron celebrates Seniors by offering this Senior Screening program at a 15% discount!* This early detection system will increase the quality of your pet’s life by making the “Golden Years” Happier and Healthier.

* Includes Comprehensive Exam, Senior Wellness Lab Tests and Arthritis Screening Radiographs