When our children are sick, we take them to the pediatrician.  When our pets, our furred and feathered children, are sick, we take them to the vet.  Veterinarians are Pediatricians, Pediatric Surgeons and Dentists for the furred and  feathered (even the scaley and slippery!).

But, we at Cimarron Animal Hospital are not just Veterinarians, Technicians and Assistants.  In today’s world of fragmented health care, we are your Whole Family Health Care Team.   When we care for your pets, we also care for you and your family.  We realize that, while some families are able to revolve around their pets, most families are strung out in all different directions.  Kids have elaborate school and activity schedules.  Pet Parents have complicated work or vacation schedules.  Some pet parents are completely new to pet ownership.  Some are old hands interested in new medical care techniques.  Some pet parents are elderly, with physical and memory challenges, but they need their pets more than anyone.  No matter how quiet or chaotic our lives, we  all rely on the solid constancy and unconditional love of our pets, every day.
  All of a family’s lifestyle facets and challenges have to be considered when caring for a pet– whether it’s basic care or more intensive medical management.  Sometimes, our staff members also act as family counselors, life coaches, hospice care consultants, bereavement counselors, shoulders to cry on or home delivery helpers– whatever it takes to help you and your family take care of the pets that are the glue in our lives.
  Every human who walks through our doors has issues and concerns about his pet, her family, their jobs.  It all filters down to us.  It’s all important to us if it affects your pet.  Every human we see is as much a part of our family as every one of their pets.  That’s why Pets, AND their People are Our Passion at Cimarron.
  Whatever you need, no matter how small, how silly-seeming, how complicated or challenging, just ask!   We are here for you, your pets, your whole family.