Fear, Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Thunderstorm and Fireworks Phobias are the most common behavior challenges in dogs and cats.  

We can help with these conditions so you and your pet can live a less stressful life!

Leeanne is our Certified Veterinary Assistant and a PetSMart Certified Trainer, specializing in Fear/ Anxiety disorders and Interdog Aggression.  She can do in-clinic consultations to help you get started on training and behavior modification techniques at home.  She also does in-home training.

Dr. Bohnke is very knowledgeable, taking several hours of continuing education every year to keep up with the dynamic field of veterinary behavior medicine.  She can help with medical management of behavior problems.  While training really is the key to solving most behavior problems in pets, a little medication can go a long way toward helping to reduce anxiety/ fear or territorial tendencies so pets CAN learn new behaviors!

We also emphasize a Fear Free Vet Visit with Tips for Dogs and Cats to help make the trip to the vet a more tolerable experience!

Thunderstorm Phobia Tips Here