FearFreeLogoNervous, Anxious, down-right Terrified Dogs and Cats find solace at Cimarron

We are implementing some new Tips/ Tricks and Strategies to help get pets who are nervous at the Vet from home to the clinic, through the visit and back home again with less stress.  Even Cats!



See our handouts on Home Prep Tips Before Vet Trips for Cats and Dogs.

In clinic, you’ll notice some changes, too:

– Offering to move you and your pet to an exam room sooner, so you can let your pet off leash or out of its carrier to get accustomed to the room and explore on his own terms.

Soothing music in the exam rooms- good for people, too!

– Pheromones ( Feliway and Adaptil ) that mimic mama’s milk gland scents – what’s more soothing than that?

– Not taking every pet’s temperature if it seems too stressful

– Performing procedures in the exam room when possible if pets seem calmer with their owners than away from them

– Using Thundershirts, Thoracic wraps, Calming Caps and Doggles  to induce a state of calm.

– Therapeutic Laser to induce endorphins– you can’t even feel it! It just works great on cats!

Leeanne, our own Pet Smart certified Training Technician is offering Densitization short courses – 15 – 30 minutes long ( $15.00)- during our quiet times to help anxious pets learn that our place is fun, not frightening!  There is a fee for her one-on-one expertise wtih you and your pet, but it’ll be sooo worth it.  

Of course we ALWAYS invite everyone to come in just for Happiness Visits for FREE during our quiet times!  This is a great opportunity to work with your pet desensitizing to our environment.  Practice getting off and on the scale.  Practice walking through the door!  Practice sitting in the exam room, giving treats and just BEING.  It also gives us an opportunity to give nothing but luvs, pets and treats!  No “nasty” business!  You are always welcome to a drink and a treat too!  We always have water, soda and sweet treats available for people!  How ’bout putting our clinic on your walking circuit?  A stop into the clinic as you pass by would be a great mini- visit!

Schedule a Training Session or Happiness Visit Now!    Click Here          Or Call at 520- 886-1125

Pre-Visit Sedation is Available as well !  Read more about our Kitty and Canine Calming KitsSedatives that you give at home to help make the car ride and the visit more bearable for your pet AND you!  Request a Canine or Kitty Calming Kit for pre-visit sedation if your pet is super anxious!  Coming in calmer can go a long way toward making this visit less stressful for you and your pet!  Having less stressful experiences promotes less anxiety the next time the same situation is experienced, too!  CAT OWNERS: This can really be a big help for getting your kitty in to the clinic! For more tips, see “Getting Your Cat to the Clinic Fear-Free”

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